For USA Residents:

1. Buy, pack and ship straight to our Houston Texas warehouse.

2. We pick up packed shipment from your home for a fee.

Please contact agent for details.

For Non-USA Residents:

Customer shops online, at checkout, adds our Houston Texas warehouse address as the delivery address. Contacts agent and provides tracking number for your purchase. When the product has been delivered to the warehouse, the agent will contact customer and provide an update. Depending on the purchase, packing fees may apply.

ALL PRICES are starting prices and will be finalized after packing list has been reviewed with an agent. Any other items may have in boxes or barrel/drums are charged at $35 per cubic foot. Volume discounts are available.

Extra fees include:
Parking charges
Pick up charges if applicable
Local delivery charges if applicable.

24*24*24 Box = $280~

24*24*36 Box = $349~

24*24*48 (Grand Wardrobe) = $449~

55 Gallons Barrel = $299 ~

55 Gallons Barrel = $299~

75 Gallons Barrel = $349~

The options are infinite, please fill out a form to be contacted.

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